Exclusive and hand-crafted 'one-off' creations of Qtelixir bottles powered by an unique Gemstone.

With the Exclusives range, each bottle contains the same powerful anti-ageing Qtelixir formulation, which is then further indirectly powered with a unique Gemstone on the bottle to capture that stone's essence and vibration energy, when you apply Qtelixir it reacts to the stone’s crystalline energy.

Each bottle comes with its own 'Certificate of Authenticity' as no synthetic Gemstones are used.

Please note as no two gemstones are alike, the images may vary from final product.

Qtelixir Formulation

Qtelixir's is a unique combination and infusion of certified organic and wildcrafted botanicals, and specially selected gemstones.  Created with our exclusive Gemstone Technology Mineral Infusion process, results in a powerful anti-inflammatory and multi-correctional anti-ageing face elixir with the power and activity of a serum.

The formulation and infusion process are developed over a course of weeks to ensure that each drop of Qtelixir is infused with the highest levels of powerful skin renewing agents, along with the energetic blueprint and life-force of each gemstone.  The formulation contains highly effective, antioxidants, vitamins, polyphenols, squalene, fatty acids and minerals, providing optimal nutrition to the skin, helping to reduce the effects of ageing and stimulate cellular productivity for healthy well oxygenated cells.

Daily application of Qtelixir improves the complexion by stimulating cell rejuvenation, reducing the formation of wrinkles, increasing hydration, supporting elasticity, firming the skin, reducing skin irritation and protecting the skin from free radical damage, giving new life to ageing skin.

For more information on the gemstones infused please head to our Gemstone page.

For more information on the ingredients used please head to our Ingredients page.

Daily Ritual 

1.  8 - 10 drops into the palm of your hand

2.  Gently rub palms together to distribute and activate

3.  Press evenly over face, neck, and decolletage as you breathe in your desires

4. Smooth gently into skin as your vision of a glowing complexion appears

For optimal results use morning and evening. May be used on its own or under your preferred moisturiser. May be worn under make-up. Suitable for all skin types.  


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