"I wanted to create a skincare product that was more than anti-ageing, a product that would inspire and be a reminder that you can be extraordinary"  Angel Collins 

With over 20 years experience in the beauty industry, I created a beauty product that was simple and effective to use.  Driven by my passion to not do things by halves, and with instinct as my guide, Qtelixir was formulated with the composition of the finest ingredients, an exquisite facial elixir dedicated to providing the utmost experience in luxury, simple and effective and suitable for all skin types.

"Qtelixir feels like slipping on the finest silk dress on your skin"

Created from the belief in the power and positive energy found in every living thing, the priority was to create an impeccable product that allows you to experience the fullness of your potential. 

Result:  Quartz Treatment Elixir - A Toxin Free, infusion of organic and wildcrafted botanicals, with an exclusive combination of mineral rich and positively energised gemstones, creating a gentle yet effective face elixir, with the activity of a serum, that provides optimal nutrition to the skin to strengthen and nourish the skin cells, reducing the effects of ageing.  The multi-correctional face elixir addresses skin needs from fine lines and wrinkles, sensitivity, elasticity, hydration and of course radiance. 

Innovation:  Created with an exclusive Gemstone Technology Mineral Infusion process that combines the energy and powerful healing properties from the finest botanicals with the energy and powerful healing properties of the selected gemstones.  The infusion process develops Qtelixir over a course of weeks to combine the nutrient rich botanicals, essential oils and gemstones.  This ensures that each drop of Qtelixir's formula captures the highest levels of powerful skin renewing agents along with the energetic blueprint and lifeforce of the selected gemstones. To learn more about these Gemstones and their properties please head to our Gemstones page.

Match your Desires:  Each bottle is further powered with its own gemstone on the bottle, vibrating its own positive healing energy, to match and amplify your desires as you apply Qtelixir.

Commitment:  Vegan, Cruelty Free, Chemical Free without added sulphates, parabens, phthalates, PEGs, SLSs, no synthetic fragrances, no synthetic gemstones.

Dedication: We are dedicated to giving back and donate 2% of every purchase to charities dedicating to protection and aiding children and animals around the world.


"Love it for that 'glow from within' look! I love it so much it goes in my personal beauty stack now"    Liz T