I have fallen in love with my new Garnet powered Qtelixir and it's so much more then just skincare.  Which is just what I need right now!"

Charmaine L

All crystals and gemstones have the power to assist your energy flow throughout your body and skin, as they vibrate to piezoelectric effect, that is, when mechanical stress is applied to the crystal, a voltage is produced across the crystal's surface, when you hold a crystal tightly in your hand and 'warm it up' you are doing exactly that - applying stress so that its electromagnetic force comes alive.  An 'alive' yet dormant crystal carries powerful Earth energy, enhancing you for protection, attraction, bringing love in to your life and for healing.  


Qtelixir is created by our exclusive Gemstone Technology Mineral Infusion, an infusion process that is developed over a course of weeks to combine the positive energy and life-force of the nutrient rich botanicals, along with the energetic blueprint and life-force of the exclusively selected gemstones, creating a power packed elixir, when applied to the skin it reacts to their crystalline energy to further calm, soothe, rejuvenate, detoxify and reduce ageing of the skin.  

Each drop of our formula is infused with the highest levels of powerful skin renewing agents and positive life-force of the gemstones listed below.

Fluorite helps reduce wrinkle formation.

Selenite helps reverse ageing and reduce age spots. 

Snakeskin Agate helps improve the complexion by reducing the formation of wrinkles. 

Sodalite helps skin and cell rejuvenation.  

Obsidian helps detoxify the skin.  

Stitchtite helps improve skin elasticity and detoxification.

Eisenkiesel helps slow down ageing of the skin.

Amethyst helps cell repair and healing.

Rose Quartz helps soften and reduce wrinkles.

Lapis Lazuli helps rejuvenation.

Clear Quartz helps amplify all of the formulation, along with balance and purity.


Each bottle of Qtelixir contains the same powerful anti-ageing formulation, which is then further indirectly powered with a unique Gemstone on the bottle to capture that stone's essence and energy.  This Gemstone is designed to match your personal desires, and when you apply Qtelixir it reacts to the stone’s crystalline energy to amplify and support your individual desires.

Each bottle comes with its own 'Certificate of Authenticity' as no synthetic Gemstones are used.