• How do I add Qtelixir into my beauty routine?
    • Simply apply a few drops on cleansed skin morning and or evening.  If you like you may follow this up with your moisturiser.   If you are outdoors during the day it is recommended to wear sun protection.  For more information on the daily ritual head to our Quartz Treatment Elixir  page.
  • How do I cleanse the Qtelixir bottle and crystal once I get it home?
    • When you first get your Qtelixir bottle home the first thing you should do is cleanse the energy it collects whilst in transit.  You may simply gently run the stone under a running tap, or you may cleanse with the smoke of an incense or smudge stick.  As you do so affirm in your mind or out loud that all negativity will be washed away and positive energy will permeate the crystal.
  • Is Qtelixir a face oil or serum?
    • Qtelixir is a face oil with the activity and performance of a serum.
  • Is it ok to use on Acne Prone skin?
    • Qtelixir was developed with all skin types in mind.  It delivers balancing and healing nutrition, vitamins and anti-bacterial properties to help prevent breakouts. 
  • Is Qtelixir safe during pregnancy?
    • Whilst no adverse ingredients are used in our formulation, you should always determine your own comfort level and consult with your doctor about using essential oils during pregnancy.
  • Is Qtelixir good for Rosacea?
    • Yes.  Our formula addressed inflammation, calms and soothes and balances the skin.
  • Is Qtelixir suitable for sensitive or allergy prone skin?
    • Yes.  Qtelixir addresses sensitive skins in a number of ways, via nutrition, redness and reducing inflammation.  As the formula does contain nut oils please check ingredients list against known allergies.  It is recommended to apply a small patch test initially.
  • What about Dry Skin?
    • Qtelixir balances your skin to perform and maintain optimal hydration.  It forms a lipid barrier to help prevent further moisture loss.
  • Will Qtelixir make my skin sensitive to the sun?
    • No.  The high antioxidant formula will help protect your skin from environmental stressors, irritants and pollution.
  • Can I use Qtelixir with my retinol product?
    • Yes.  Both support and increase cellular turnover.  You would apply your retinol product first followed by Qtelixir which will also soothe and calm the skin.  However if you find the application of retinol and Qtelixir too aggressive for you skin, alternate retinol to every other night.
  • Can I use Qtelixir around the eye area?
    • Yes, however when applying use lightly and apply using your ring finger around the orbital bone as the formulation travels around this delicate skin area.
  • Do you test on animals?
    • No.  We are cruelty free and believe in the protection and safety of all living things.
  • How long is shelf life and storage?
    • Once opened, the shelf life is 12 months.  Careful storage and care of your Qtelixir is recommended by keeping it away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures (hot or cold).  Store in a cool dark place or in its original packaging. 

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