Qtelixir - Ruby Powered

Qtelixir - Ruby Powered

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Limited Edition - Exclusive and hand-crafted 'one-off' creation of Qtelixir powered by a unique Ruby Gemstone.

This Limited Edition bottle contains the same powerful anti-ageing Qtelixir formulation, which is then further indirectly powered with a unique Gemstone on the bottle to capture that stone's essence and vibration energy, when you apply Qtelixir it reacts to the stone’s crystalline energy

Daily ritual:  Regain your best skin as you apply Qtelixir feel the increase in radiance and dynamism in your skin.

Gemstone's energy:  Ruby is associated with strong emotions and puts you in the power seat and keeps you there.  Ruby provides you fresh energy, clarity of mind and a positive adventurous attitude to life.

30ml (1.01 fl.oz)