Qtelixir - Topaz Powered

Qtelixir - Topaz Powered

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Limited Edition - Exclusive and hand-crafted 'one-off' creation of Qtelixir powered by a unique Topaz Gemstone.

This Limited Edition bottle contains the same powerful anti-ageing Qtelixir formulation, which is then further indirectly powered with a unique Gemstone on the bottle to capture that stone's essence and vibration energy, when you apply Qtelixir it reacts to the stone’s crystalline energy

Daily ritual:  Increase radiance to your skin as you apply Qtelixir feel it regenerating at the heart of your skin cells.

Gemstone's energy & transformation: Topaz brings joy and abundance into your life and attunes you to the true vibrancy of your soul.  It symbolises love, friendship and fidelity and said to hold courage and wisdom.

30ml (1.01 fl.oz)